Friday, August 12, 2011

Third Temple

The Bible tells us that the Anti-Christ will sit in the Temple of God in Jerusalem and calls himself god. The temple of Solomon is not yet built. However, there are plans to build it now. They say it could be built very quickly. This is indeed in my opinion the final sign.

3rd Jewish Temple is almost complete. (Good Video) Grant Jeffrey Feb. 2010
Jews/Muslims agree on Third Temple re-build (Good INFO)
News Alert: Dome of the Rock in ruins - (Very Good)
Temple being built - Iran and ELEnin blamed?
News Alert: Dome of the Rock in ruins - Temple being built - (GOOD INFO)
Iran and ELEnin blamed?

(Breaking News) The 3rd Temple is being Built in Jerusalem

Signs of the coming Third Temple

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Signs in the Sky, sun, moon and stars, Luke 21:25

Luke 21:25, there will be signs in the sun, moon and the stars.


Signs in the SUN: (VERY GOOD)
Two Suns in the sunset / ORIGINAL AUG 23 2010 UK

Analyzing Comet ELEnin - May 19, 2011

Miracle Star is seen Worldwide (Interesting)

Amazing NEW Planets are being discovered
Astronomers Discover a New Earth (Revelation-I Saw a New Earth) ??
Good Music

Cosmic Journeys: Alien Planets & Eyeball Earths: The Search for Habitable (24 mins)

Planet-x what the Government is not telling you[Guest John Moore.wmv

Planet X

Watch For These Things To Happen

1. New World Order: One World Currency, Economy, Political and Religious System, Marial Law and dictatorship in America, lost of freedoms and civil rights.

2. A great powerful world leader, The Anti-Christ, who can work miracles will arise and appear to save the planet. He will make a treaty for peace in the middle east. He will call himself God and show everyone how they can be like him. He will sit himself in Jerusalem and defy the true God

3. The mark of the Beast being forced on all of mankind. The world leader will make everyone receive a mark, which will be a biological computer chip implanted under the skin of the right hand or forehead.

4. A Seven Year Peace Treaty between Israel and Palestine. This will be done miraculously by the Anti-Christ himself.

5. We will see the rebuilding of the Temple of God in Jerusalem. This will be the third Temple.

6. The Rapture of the current believers. This will be explained away by either an UFO abduction theory or byway of an exceptional evolutionary event or both.

7. There will be two human witnesses for God who will perform amazing miracles. They will eventually be killed to lay in the streets for 3 days. After three days they will come back to life and rise into heaven to testify who the true God is.

The Gospel must be Preach to the Whole World, Matthew 24:14

The Gospel Preach to the Whole World, Matthew 24:14

The Gospel is now Preached to the entire world